Care for Work Instructions:


These pieces are comprised of powder pigment on a clay substrate. For permanence they are sealed in a clear acrylic coating. While this acrylic coating is highly durable, the utmost care should be taken to protect the surface of the works.

Should the surface of a piece ever require cleaning, compressed air should be used to remove all debris that may scratch the surface. If further cleaning is required, you can carefully wipe the surface directly using a very soft cloth dampened with pure distilled water and gently buff out dirt marks or stains. Never use ammonia, window cleaner, bleach, or any other cleaning agent on the surface of these paintings.


The substrate of these works is made of an archival, proprietary clay mixture laminated to an ⅛” thick masonite panel. The works should be exhibited and stored in a controlled climate, as extreme temperatures or excessive humidity can cause unwanted warping or deterioration. 

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